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19 December 2014

I just realized that I am not reporting results accurately because I am not including the activity of calendar trades. The problem with calendar trades is that you can postpone results indefinitely. You can know when things are going well, but expressing a meaningful profit/loss number is not something that can be done every week or even every month.

Side note: I hope my accountant is prepared for this.

Excluding calendar trades, my losses from trading December options were 2.78 percent of November portfolio value.


21 November 2014

My losses from trading in November were 3.77 percent of October portfolio value. The speed with which stocks sold off and then recovered hurt me as I adjusted bearish 1 x 2 positions.

I am also trading calendar spreads and shares, calls, and puts directly, but that is more complicated to report, so I am leaving the details in my records.


17 October 2014

My gains from trading in October were 1.84 percent of September portfolio value.

I am trading shares, calls, and puts directly in addition to spreads and sales, but they are more complicated to report, so I am leaving the details in my records.


19 September 2014

My loss from trading September options and shares was -1.32 percent of August portfolio value. I closed more share and direct option buy positions at a loss than I made from activities during the month. This caused a swing from August’s 4.95 percent for the year to a current 2.91 percent for the year.


15 August 2014

My gains from trading in August were 1.71 percent of July portfolio value. I am increasingly making profits from direct trading of shares and holding some outright call or put positions. I am not posting share trades and long option trades because it is more trouble to manage the details in summary fashion.


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