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19 September 2014

My loss from trading September options and shares was -1.32 percent of August portfolio value. I closed more share and direct option buy positions at a loss than I made from activities during the month. This caused a swing from August’s 4.95 percent for the year to a current 2.91 percent for the year.


15 August 2014

My gains from trading in August were 1.71 percent of July portfolio value. I am increasingly making profits from direct trading of shares and holding some outright call or put positions. I am not posting share trades and long option trades because it is more trouble to manage the details in summary fashion.


18 July 2014

My profit from trading July options was 0.44 percent of June’s portfolio value.


20 June 2014

My profit from trading June options was 2.81 percent of May’s portfolio value.


16 May 2014

My profit from trading May options was -0.49 percent of my ending April portfolio value. The problem was not from option trading, but from losing with 5 of 6 day trades during the period. Absent the losses from day trading, May would have been a good month.

Honestly, I am not such a bad day trader, but I was hedging option positions near the end of the month when I should have remained un-hedged.

I remain bored with posting trades, so am posting only monthly summaries at this time.


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